Website now live!

July 4, 2011

My site at is now live!

I will be updating with news and images as my portfolio builds, many thanks to everyone who visits my world for a while!

North East Arts

June 30, 2011

I’ve been lucky enough to be living in the North East now for almost a year. The instantly accessible countryside and the unrivalled rugged coastline has inspired me massively and I am happy to know I will be staying the area for the forseeable future. This region is alive with a wide variety of artists, working in various mediums and all being inspired by the beauty and the products of the land here.


There is still a few days left for the North East Art tour, enabling you to visit some local artists in their studios and see what they do, some even offering workshops.


Interface, the Durham Based art collective is currently exhibiting in a space in The Gates shopping centre in Durham, in the unit opposite the lift to the car parking. There is a fantastic, regularly rotated variety of artists and mediums there and well worth a visit. I am hoping to join interface soon and hope to have the chnace to exhibit in the near future.